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We are responsible for a variety of projects focusing mainly in Cyprus. Among these are projects for residential, commercial and touristic purposes. We have been involved successfully in large and significant projects co- funded by the European Union and have been awarded first prizes in pan-European competitions. Our diverse clientele, large and smaller scale developments, high standards for both design and construction stride towards excellence.


Residential Complex |Limassol

7_Music, theatre and assembly hall, American Academy, Larnaca

Music, theatre and assembly hall for the American Academy | Larnaca


Ronald McDonald House Charities | Nicosia

844_Platinum | Limassol

Platinum | Limassol


Marcuji | Limassol


Restoration Hotel | Paphos

Alphamega | Lakatamia

Alphamega Hypermarkets | Lakatamia

Casale Panayiotis Agrotouristic Complex | Kalopanayiotis

Casale Panayiotis Agrotouristic Resort | Kalopanayiotis

Casale Panayiotis Spa

Casale Panayiotis Spa | Kalopanayiotis

Epikentro | Kalopanayiotis

Epikentro | Kalopanayiotis

European Union House | Nicosia

European Union House | Nicosia

Fishing shelter at Liopetri river

Fishing shelter | Liopetri river

Germanina Estate development

Germanina farm development | Geroskipou, Paphos

Headquarters of the Cooperative Central Bank

Headquarters of the Cooperative Central Bank | Nicosia

Icon museum Lampadistes | Kalopanayiotis

Icon museum St. John Lampadistes | Kalopanayiotis

Kalopanayiotis village

Kalopanayiotis village | Kalopanayiotis

Korakou village, square

Korakou village square | Korakou

McDonalds | Cyprus

McDonald's Chain Restaurant | Cyprus

Morphou District Police Divisional Office

Morphou District Police Divisional Office | Evrychou, Nicosia

Municipal Market and car park

Municipal market and car park | Larnaca

Myrianthousa Spa Kalopanayiotis

Myrianthousa Spa | Kalopanayiotis

Nice Day - Orama | Aglantzia, Nicosia

Orama | Aglantzia, Nicosia

Office Building | Nicosia

Office Building | Nicosia

Old GSP stadium, Nicosia

Old GSP Stadium | Nicosia

Olive Garden Residence | Limassol

Olive Garden Residence | Limassol

Park in Tochni

Park in Tochni | Tochni

Pedestrian bridge Paphos

Pedestrian bridge | Paphos

Peristerona square

Peristerona village square | Peristerona

Power Station | Mari

Power Station | Mari

Private Student Housing | Limassol

Private Student Housing | Limassol

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